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Care and Cleaning of Paintbrushes

For many of us, painting is the greatest pleasure, but cleanup is absolutely tedious. Yet, we want to remind you that taking care of your paintbrushes is crucial unless, of course, you have the means to purchase new paintbrushes at very regular intervals. Caring for

Useful links for other sources

From time to time we like to supply our community with interesting web resources that can help inspire and educate. This month we have an eclectic mix of links we’ve recently stumbled upon and thought we’d share. Enjoy! Roux Academy Annual Art Conference The British

New Courses: Recycle Scrap Art and Drawing Hands

Hey OVCAA members! Don’t forget to register for two upcoming courses that are filling up fast. On Saturday, August 15th, from 1 to 6 pm, Laura Stout will be teaching her popular class on turning your recycled goods, including metal, paper, and wood, into art.

The color wheel

For most artists, one of the first concepts you’ll learn is how to use the color wheel. So, we thought we’d give a crash course on the color wheel…right here on our blog. The color wheel, based on the three primary colors of red, yellow,

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